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    Have you had some particularly bad reactions to your decision not to have children or have the people in your life been pretty accepting?

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    It’s a hit and miss.

    Usually I get the “sympathy” eyes from people – and they look sad (I’m not sure why, as I’m not sad about it!).

    My in-laws stopped bugging us when my sister in law had 3 kids in 2 years (twins and a single)…now they babysit the kids (aged 3 and under) 3-7 days a week. My father in law is 76. My mother in law is 65. I think they are too exhausted to continue asking us 😉

    Co-workers still give me the, “You’ll change your mind” speech – even 8 years after working here.

    Friends haven’t bugged us about it, as we’re a pretty cool and open group.

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    Red Sarah

    Everyone hates it, no one can accept it.

    I either get people being horrified and telling me there’s something wrong with me and/or I’m an awful person, or I get people laughing and telling me not to be stupid and of course I’ll change my mind.

    I hate it. Most of all I hate that people always ask me why, and when I tell them the truth, that I hate kids, they are absolutely horrified. I’m like, well, you asked me?? What did you expect??

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      I don’t think There’s anything wrong with you.

      For those who don’t choose to accept it, It’s like we are the minority and something is wrong or having a baby would be perfectly fine for CF people.

      It does get easier as you get older though. I’m 37…and in my early 20s I has no idea I didn’t want kids 100% – I just never saw them in my life. I was dumped because I was on the fence (thank goodness!) when I was 23 or 24. Apparently I was more outspoken about it than I though I was lol.

      Or maybe people who want kids talk about it a lot?

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