A view of childfree life from India

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1. Name, age, location
Shishir, 31, India

2. When and why did you decide that you weren’t going to have children?
I decided for myself prior to marriage. This was around the time I was in the phase of introspection and contemplation, having just been through a break up. I realised that I truly didn’t want kids since I never felt any instincts or desire whatsoever. Up until then having kids had felt like a logical thing to be do by default because society said I should. I finally realized that is actually a choice just like the choice to marry or not to marry.

3. Have you ever received any backlash due to this decision, if so, what?
My parents have been absolutely against it. But then again there are a few of those who have recognized that it’s my life and I know what’s best for me.

4. What do you do now that you think you wouldn’t be able to do (or do as well) if you had children?
Being spontaneous and following my passions. It just wouldn’t be as smooth or even possible if kids came into the picture.

5. What’s your favourite part about being childfree?
Freedom to do what is important to me. I am not willing to sacrifice that.

6. If money and time were no concern, what would be the one dream you would fulfill?
Invest in my wife’s and my passions and dream- to have a farmhouse and have our parents live with us.

7. Do you have any favourite books, blog posts, websites or articles about being childfree?
I follow several groups on Twitter and Facebook and I feel those are quite satisfying.

8. Are there any people or animals in your life that you help take care of?
Our parents, our two little rabbits; Bob and Bunny 🙂