An aspiring childfree business owner

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1. Name, age, location: Shana Hampton , 28, Georgia

2. When and why did you decide that you weren’t going to have children? I decided a long time ago that children weren’t for me. I’m not much of a baby/kid person to begin with but I decided against it because of lots of little reasons. I like my freedom, I like having money, I love traveling and I want to enjoy my husband!

3. Have you ever received any backlash due to this decision, if so, what? Of course I have! Mostly from my in-laws because they are baby crazy!

4. What do you do now that you think you wouldn’t be able to do (or do as well) if you had children? Travel – my husband is a welder and if we had children we wouldn’t have the time we have together now traveling and making memories. To me, this is what life is about (exploring, traveling) There’s a whole world out there and you can’t see it as easily when you settle down and have kids!

5. What’s your favourite part about being childfree? Not having the added stress 🙂 oh and sleep!

6. If money and time were no concern, what would be the one dream you would fulfill? For my husband and I to open our own business

7. Do you have any favourite books, blog posts, websites or articles about being childfree? No

8. Are there any people or animals in your life that you help take care of? We have one pet , A Boston terrier , her name is Lady.

9. Do you have any last thoughts that you’d like to share with readers? Children – they’re not for everyone 🙂