Sarah’s childfree life – Never wanted them

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1. Name, age, location
Sarah, 32, Sydney Australia

2. When and why did you decide that you weren’t going to have children?
I’ve always disliked kids. There are no children in my extended family and I’m an only child, so I never spent time with kids growing up. They have never been a part of my life. As I got older, my dislike of them became more intense. When my friends started to have kids, it seemed to me that their lives were ruined. I have no understanding of why people want them.

3. Have you ever received any backlash due to this decision, if so, what?
Of course! All the time! People still tell me I’ll change my mind, even though I’m nearly 33. Most women tell me I’m a bad person and/or crazy for disliking kids. Finding relationships is almost impossible. Most men say they don’t want kids at first and then change their minds when things get serious. I lost my fiance over this issue and have a lot of trust problems in relationships because of it. I have thought about having my tubes tied just so that men understand that I won’t change.

4. What do you do now that you think you wouldn’t be able to do (or do as well) if you had children?Do whatever I want with my life, whenever I want to do it. Live alone and have my space.

5. What’s your favourite part about being childfree?

6. If money and time were no concern, what would be the one dream you would fulfill?
I’d love to get my PhD. It’s so difficult while working full time and paying a big mortgage on my own.

7. Do you have any favourite books, blog posts, websites or articles about being childfree?
All of them.

8. Are there any people or animals in your life that you help take care of?
I have a cat called Vince. He has shown me that dealing with him is hard enough! There’s no way I’d be able to deal with a kid.

9. Do you have any last thoughts that you’d like to share with readers?
Don’t ever, ever have a kid just to keep a relationship. As much as I dislike kids, they are human beings, and they deserve to grow up feeling loved and wanted, not resented.