Reader submission: Childfree couple’s manifesto

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Submitted by: Shishir, India. Originally published in Shishir’s blog, ‘My thoughts‘.  

Our stand –
We have decided to live a ‘childfree life’. What this means is that we are capable of procreating BUT have decided not to go down that path. A simple reason is that to have, or not to have, a child is a CHOICE just like any other important life changing choice such as ‘what subject should I major in, in college’.

Childless or childfree?  –
We believe that being childfree is more about exercising control and willingly choosing not to procreate while childless is more about wanting to have children but not being able to procreate due to medical reasons.

Reasons –

  • Procreation is a choice made by the couple with regards to their life. It’s not a mandate made by society or the institution of marriage.
  • Not having kids either due to medical reasons or by exercising your free will is no measure of your worth as a human being. You’re still the same man or women; complete in all respects.
  • The world we live in still has violence that has coloured our history, we are more populated than ever and now very much able to wipe ourselves clean off the planet in a way a natural calamity could.
  • The Internet and television has brought us closer and made information easily accessible. This also means that young minds can view anything with greater ease even if they are too young to think maturely.
  • Parenting today is far more challenging than its ever been. While the humanoid apes worried about their young being eaten; today we worry about pedophiles and speeding cars, so to speak!
  • The economic environment and the general state of life across the world, including the natural wealth of the world itself, is at odds with humans. This is not the future I hoped for so what future can I expect for a child born in this generation?
  • You can monitor your kids like a helicopter but to what extent and at what price? You can’t control the child’s interactions with his/her friends or neighbours. Ask yourself; what kind of upbringing can you provide in today’s day and age?
  • Kids’ young minds are like soft putty, anything can leave a lasting impression. The TV shows, news, songs, movies, Internet etc are just too easy to reach even by little hands thanks to tablets, smart phones; you name it!
  • Old age homes are a bitter reality of today and for whatever reason there are elders there who are counting down their time. What is the assurance that we won’t end up with the same fate because our kids left us to ourselves??

Originally published in Shishir’s blog, ‘My thoughts‘.