A childfree life full of family, travel and volunteering

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1. Name, age, location
Christine Scott, 33, Calgary Alberta Canada

2. When and why did you decide that you weren’t going to have children?
I don’t recall making a conscience decision to not have children; I have always known that I never wanted them. Even as a child I did not want to play with “baby dolls”, or play “house”.

3. Have you ever received any backlash due to this decision, if so, what?
I have had many people tell me that I “will change my mind”. Recently my mother has started asking me “What if you meet Mr. Right and he wants children?” I hate how people assume that they know me better than I know myself.

4. What do you do now that you think you wouldn’t be able to do (or do as well) if you had children?
If I had children I would not be able to travel, to work multiple jobs, or volunteer.

5. What’s your favourite part about being childfree?
My favourite part of being childfree is knowing that I will never have to deal with the worry of what my child is doing or what other people’s children are doing to my child.

6. If money and time were no concern, what would be the one dream you would fulfill?
If money and time were of no concern I would travel to more and immerse myself in more cultures.

7. Do you have any favourite books, blog posts, websites or articles about being childfree?
Childless by Choice (Facebook page).

8. Are there any people or animals in your life that you help take care of?
I have a cat and will be adopting a second cat shortly. I also do what I am able for my sister and her family.

9. Do you have any last thoughts that you’d like to share with readers?
It can be incredibly difficult to maintain your resolve in the face of other people’s doubts and negativity, even when you know your own mind and that your decision is the right one for you. Finding groups (online or otherwise) that share your views and beliefs is invaluable.