Have some free time? Use it!!

It’s a sunny day outside, not many clouds in the sky… temperature is *perfect*, wind is just right breezy but not gusting, and There. You. Are! Sitting in your living room, surfing the Internet or on an iphone app to check the weather?? Good grief Charlie Brown! What on earth are you doing? Why don’t you go out see if the sun’s really up hmmm? Get OFF of your BUTT and move that tush *out* that door! There’s a whole world waiting for you to explore! Don’t you want something more? (I just turned three rhymes into four!)

Jonesing for a communion with nature? You can do something wilderness-y in any season… canoeing, dog sledding, berry picking, hiking.. If you’re not into that, stay urban and go for a walk or sit out on a cafe patio. Have a picnic! Play with a *frisbee*! Grab your CAMERA and take some urban arty photos! Here’s a photo challenge: grab a cute object and take its picture in as many places as possible. Have chores to get done? Do your shopping on street with a bunch of independent stores, or in a market so you spend some time outside! Make a *point* of checking out every store or restaurant in your hood!

Big cities have festivals most of the year too… so see what’s shaking and go investigate! Doesn’t matter if it’s not exactly your bag baby… The limitless possibilities for fun and adventure is worth risking a little blah. Because if you stay home… you are GUARANTEED blah! Nothing ventured… nothing gained 🙂

Or maybe you feel like getting out of the house, but not being sporty about it? In the early evening, you can check your local theatre listings for a local play or comedy show. Or an art gallery opening! At night, do some star gazing or sing a song at an open mike (wowza- how scary is that?) Or else… karaoke anyone? Sometimes universities have free talks on interesting topics. Go listen to a lecture and discuss after. Expand your mind! Don’t want to think too hard? Hit a theme park, exhibition, zoo or water park. Theme parks are amazing, take advantage!

Does all this seem silly to you? Maybe you need to feel productive to have a good time… so try volunteering for something… maybe at a charity sports event or ushering for a local performance. Do some background for a low budget independent film or music video. Help in a kitchen. Join a conversation group to help people build language skills. Craigslist has a section specifically for volunteering- with the internet it’s *easy* to get involved!!

Have fun. Get Sun. Be your own Dora the Explorer! Heck, recruit your partner or a friend and drag them along for an adventure. You live in one of the most beautiful, culturally diverse, and interesting countries in the world!! Explore it!

Co-written by Jackie English

What do you do with your free time?