Switching jobs – Should you do it?

In this day and age it’s pretty easy to switch jobs if you aren’t satisfied. Back in the stone age there used to be loyalty between employee and employer… complete with rewards for longevity and pride in being a lifer. Hello 2016! Those days are LONG gone! In today’s job market there is little street cred given to commitment. To stay ahead of the game you need to look out for *yourself*… and often in order to move UP, you have to move OVER!

As with all life changes TIMING is everything. Though a job switch might be *exactly* what your career needs, you need to make sure it’s the right TIME to make the leap. So how do you know if it IS time? How do you decide if today was just another bad day at the office or if enough is enough already? There are a some factors to consider that can help you decide if it’s time to move or to tough it out.

Motivation is key

Deciding to switch should NEVER be made in the heat of the moment! If you are really worked up about something, you need to first CALM THE FROG DOWN. Though you may *feel* like going out with a pack of Heinekin and an emergency slide you need CLEAR THINKING to make this decision.

Are you upset because the vending machine ran out of coke zero AGAIN… or that you are being denied a deserving promotion because you are a woman in an old boys club? Scope and scale of the issue is everything. If it’s a significant and unfixable issue, start dusting off the ol’ CV.

Many women whack their head on the glass ceiling far too soon in a job and feel the way they are perceived prevents them from reaching their full potential. This is a legitimate reason to start looking for a new job! It’s important to feel CHALLENGED, and not STUCK, in order to be job-happy.

If however you are upset because you work with catty co-workers or your boss is a pain in the butt, remember that elements of this exist EVERYWHERE! Its part of working culture. Jumping ship may not solve the problem… or make it worse.

As you evaluate the situation also consider if it’s a temporary or permanent problem? Is another six months gonna make you eligible for that promotion? Is your boss extra-grumpy because they are in the middle of quitting smoking? Are you feeling discontent about your personal life and blaming work? Or is there just no room internally to grow and you are tired of a two hour daily commute?

On your marks!

Before you say “see ya suckazzz” to your work colleagues GET READY (on the down low, natch) This means updating your resume, brushing up your interviewing skills, and of course applying. You don’t want to leave a job until you have another one lined up… EMPLOYED people are more “workplace-attractive” than UN-employed people. Just like men. Why are the hotties always sporting wedding bands anyway??

Hold off on getting upset and telling “somebody” where to go until you know that you HAVE the next gig. In fact- hold off all together! No good will come from it, and burnt bridges can bite you later. Be professional and courteous every step of the way… you just might end up working with these people again in the future! You, after all, have a reputation to protect!

Due diligence in the soul-searching arena BEFORE you switch jobs is worth it! The last thing you want to do is give up your job status and networks just to begin at square one in a career you like even less. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Happy job searching 🙂

Have you ever made a major career switch? Was it great or disastrous?