Sorting out your life! (Organizing tips)

Time. Sometimes we use it wisely. Sometimes we waste it. But what is TIME anyway? Philosophers think the passage of time is actually an ILLUSION… that only the *present* is real. Physicists see time as a mathematical dimension. And the rest of us? We see it as something that keeps on marching… no matter what you do with it. Can’t stop it. Can’t slow it. And can’t make MORE of it!! The result? We can chase it, stop it and lose it, but NEVER have enough of it. WE NEED MORE TIME!!! Things pile up, life become chaotic… what’s the solution??

The answer is ORGANIZATION!

When you ORGANIZE your life… you make your use of time EFFICIENT… and then EXTRA TIME will seem to magically appear! How you say? In six steps!

Step 1 is to PRIORITIZE!

PRIORitize…. with the word “prior” meaning BEFORE. So you need to decide what should come first BEFORE you start anything. Knowing your priorities will speed up decision making, How much does it slow you down to wonder if you made the right choice… DOUBT gets in the way of SUCCESS. So know what your GOALS are:

Example: Is a date with a random guy you met at a bar more important than going to yoga with your best friend?

If your priorities list starts with 1. Find man. 2. Get married… then you might want to go on that first date (you never know right) . If your list is 1. Loose 5lbs 2. Reduce Stress… then yoga it is!

So what are your goals? First write down your goals for the YEAR. Then break it down to a goal for the month. THEN…write down *everything* you have to do for the week…. include stuff that you WANT and stuff that is not an option. Look at each task and prioritize it according to how NECESSARY it is… *and* how it supports your monthly and yearly goals. Pretty fancy, eh? This will help you be your own squeaky wheel… and make sure your larger life plan gets the attention it needs to actually HAPPEN!


Check you list for BALANCE! For sure you have remembered to put work in there. And the chores that NEED to get done. But what about friends? Family? Exercise? You need to keep the PRESENT as enjoyable as the FUTURE (especially if those crazy philosophers are right and the present is all we got). Watch a funny movie. Go a play. Read a book. Enjoy living!


Buy a planner. Bam. Easy. Next look at your weekly schedule and fill in all the UNMOVABLE stuff…. work etc. Then add the tasks from PRIORITY ONE until you run out of room. BE REALISTIC! Don’t forget you need to SLEEP… and commute, and talk to people, and read informative articles on the internet too! Now that you have your schedule, do your best to stick to it. A trick to this, is breaking bigger tasks up into smaller chunks… instead of looking for a 4 hour block of time to re-organize your whole bedroom and bathroom…. find 30min to do the shoes… 30 min to do your accessories… 30 min your toiletries… Who can’t find 30 minutes to do something?


Stress makes it easy to forget important details… which can STRESS YOU OUT! It’s a vicious circle. In brain chemistry terms, stress causes excessive cortisol to form in the brain, which blocks retrieval of long-term memories by interfering neurotransmitters in our brain. Science rules!

So give your brain a BREAK and make a list 🙂 Making a list of the things you need to prepare before starting your week, or a list of things to buy before setting out on a errand will dramatically reduce anxiety and make you more efficient. No getting home and realizing you forgot to get toilet paper AGAIN! Gah! Back to the store!


Cleanliness may very well be NEXT to godliness. But it’s romantically involved with organization! A clean space helps you think and stay calm. Cleaning keeps you healthy too by reducing germs and dust! Best way to stay clean is to do a little bit all the time… tidy your desk while your are on hold with tech support. Do some dishes while warming up a meal in the microwave.


A time-efficient way to keep your THINGS organized is with the Bucket System. Make or buy boxes that you can use to keep categories of different things in. Label them, and sort things by type or function. Having a bucket or box where you can toss stuff is easier then have a place for EACH item. Throw all your paper in a box. All your computer cables in a bucket. All you nail polish in a bucket. Its SPEEDY, EASY and more likely to actually get DONE!

There you have it! Six steps to making extra time appear out of thin air! As Joe Lewis once said “You only live once- but if you do it right, once is enough.” Good luck!

Edited by Jackie English

Do you have any organization tips that help you get stuff done?