Single female looking for Prince Charming

Ever met your dream man at a local bar? Ha! Or ran into your Prince Charming at the grocery store? Waiting for the bus? No? Not even doing some banking? No? Well neither have I. As a busy business professional, it’s difficult to meet someone. And have the time to connect and get to know them. We are generally absorbed in tending to the needs of others…. family, employees, bosses, clients; there is often no room for a dating life.

So naturally you’re wondering if you’re ever going to find your soul mate; and your mom or friend says, “there’s plenty of fish in the sea?”. It’s true! And now there is a pool where you can go fishin’ for ’em!! Ladies, it’s time to dig out fishing pole, bait your hook and hit When joining this free (holla!) site, there are profile questions to asses a member’s interests, hobbies, and what they are looking for in a potential partner. The members then create a profile where they share their photos, location, occupation, ethnicity, “about me,” and ideal first date.

First some safety tips! Never post any pictures of your home, your vehicle or your workplace. And just to be polite, leave your friends out of the photo too. You don’t want to include any info in the photos, or in the profile, that would let an undesirable suitor find you: no address, phone number, etc. You can always share that later once you get to know them.

The problem with internet dating is that it’s HARD to get a feel for someone through pics and chat. So its good to meet as soon as you have found you connect. Meet for something short first, like a coffee, and make sure you meet them there (don’t get picked up at home, or get in their car)…. and be sure to meet in a PUBLIC PLACE. And trust your gut. They might be awesome, or they might not. You don’t have to like them! And f you *do* like them, it will still take some time to get to know a brand new person, so DON’T RUSH IT. Of course if meeting right away makes you nervous, that’s cool, you can talk on the phone or video chat until you feel comfortable and confident. But even if you feel like you know them after talking, still always play it SAFE on the first date. Sparky says SAFETY FIRST! Sparky also says WOOF!

Ok, enough safety blah blah, here are some great STATS for why you SHOULD date online: According to The Dating Journal website the following statistics are true for Canadian online daters:

• In Canada, compared to internet users in general, online daters are more likely to be male, single, divorced, employed in the paid labor force, and urban.

• 37% more men than women use online dating services. For every woman using online dating services, there are more than two men.

• Of those who met other online daters face-to-face, 63% had sex with at least one person they met online.

I decided to try dating online. Although frustrating at times, most were positive experiences. In fact, I met my current guy online Such a sweetie!! He was not listed in my “matches”, but I was perusing “guys near me” and came across his handsome profile. I let him know he caught my eye by messaging him though the site. That e-mail being the beginning of a beeee-YOOOOUUUtiful relationship!!

I’ve checked out a few other dating sites. Not much success with eHarmony I have to say. It’s expensive and their “guided communication” … yawn…. is time consuming at BEST. But at least you know everyone on the site is *committed* to finding love! is a great site if you like smart, brainy people. And it uses a lot of questions to match you with prospects using big fancy computer algorithms. Saves you the trouble! MyYearbook was a free, albeit wasted effort. Seemed like most people were only looking for “hook-ups”. Not my scene.


There are also a bunch of specialty sites for wealthy people, people who like horses, single parents and more. So, take a little “me time” to to see for yourself which best fits YOUR needs.

It just might put you on the right track to meeting your next boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, or *husband/wife*. Or at the very least, you’ll meet some new and interesting people! Go fish!

Edited by Jackie English

Are you on the hunt for a prince or princess? Do you like the dating scene or do you hate it?