Rev up your sex life

Best parts of being in a relationship? For me? …*blush*… Is how intimate you can get with someone you love truly, madly, deeply. Sex expresses how deeply in love you are (cue sounds of birds singing, violins playing, frogs making kissy sound). Of course it doesn’t need to FEEL that serious… sex is also just good FUN! And having FUN keeps it FRESH! Making every love-making sesh a totally unique, surprising experience!

So how do you steam it up with a guy you’ve already slept with 1, 047 times? Well if you can’t change the WHO (because that would cause some drama) or the WHAT (I mean, you still want to get some, right?) then break the….

Changing up WHEN is easy! Or the where. And ALWAYS a good idea! Especially if your sex life has fallen into a schedule pattern. Be *spontaneous*! It’s as easy as initiating romance off the clock, at a new time, or in a new location. Go for it before work, or while dinner’s cooking (throw in a roast that takes a good 40 min to cook – hayyyyy!!!! ). Or surprise him in the shower with a BBBJ… or during half time when the game’s on…. An unplanned sexual romp- even a little quicky- gets the mojo going just because it feels naughty! Actually its been proven that *surprises* makes people happy! That’s why people like watching comedy- it’s even why people like suspense thrillers and practical jokes. Being surprised gets the endorphins flowing.

And sometimes… HOW?

Another way to spice up your life is do try some new positions. Oooohhhh yeeeaaahhhhh!!! After all, as my University prof told us in Heat Transfer Class, “Variety is the spice of life!”. Not sure why… it’s not really a thermodynamic theory… But I see his point. Delicious as it is, you wouldn’t want to eat tandoori chicken EVERY day of life would you? Dig deep and summon the inner gymnast in you. Or at least your inner two-stepper. Crack open an edition of Kama Sutra or do a quick google search and pick some different positions to try. You can even turn it into a game, rolling a dice or drawing it out of a hat. It’s also fun to tease out what you are GOING to do. Text is good for this…. build up the feeling of anticipation. Now *that’s* a surprising text to get while you have your nose to the proverbial grindstone (proverbial grindstone being a computer most likely). Describe to him the new sexy position you wanna try and when you get home he’ll be roaring to go! Roar!

Best part of all of this… it’s that sharing ADVENTURES together also bonds you… so spicy variety (even if those new positions end up being silly or epic fails) mixed in with sex, fun, and *surprise* will boost your feelings of intimacy…. and your connection will only deepen. Hear that? The birds and violins are back! Ahhhh….. LOVE!

Co-written by Jackie English

Want to share how you spice it up?