Loving and appreciating women

Okay, I’m gonna be honest here: I find women attractive. Women are *beautiful* beings… inside and out. They are complicatedly beautiful and stunningly divine. Soooooo……. Does that make me a lesbian? Or a femme? Does it make me bisexual?
No, no and nada.

As much as I love women and can be attracted to a woman… I do love me a MAN!! Mmm!

But I DO believe there are different levels that woman fall into when it comes to being attracted to other women, a certain grey area. Think of it as a numbering system 0 to 10. “0” being 100% heterosexual and “10” being 100% Lesbian. Oprah likes to call it “fluidity”. And who can argue with a dynamo like Oprah?

But instead of a boring ol’ numbering system I’d like to use a metaphor… by comparing this fluidity to drinking a bottle of delicious wine, because, well in the spirit of “honesty”! I also love me some wine 🙂

Ok… so if in my wine metaphor we think of one glass of wine as being 100% Heterosexual… and a full BOTTLE of wine being 100% Lesbian…. then MY attraction to women I believe would rank about 2 glasses of wine. Probably an Australian Shiraz. Or a French Sauvignon Blanc. I get one glass because I can really appreciate a beautiful woman…. and one glass for finding them genuinely sexy. If you just sort of vaguely notice that women are part of society at all, you’re probably drinking beer. And obviously the women that are the full bottle where they not only appreciate the beauty and find them hot… but also sleep with women (glass number 3) and get into relationships with women…. (four glasses in a bottle, right?)

This makes complete sense to me! Nothing else in life is cut and dry. Why would sexuality be? More than that….I really don’t think it’s so hot and cold, wet and dry as the label of “lesbian” would have us believe. There are those in-betweens… tiny sips, half glasses, 9oz after-work specials…. and you know what? I bet MOST women actually are somewhere in those in-betweens! I mean you can at least *tell* when a lady is smokin’, right?

Well I say that is a bEaUtiFul thing! I do! Its WONDERFUL to find *beauty* in another, especially another woman. Because women can too often be cruel… and harsh to each other…. women are SO often competitive and judgmental. It’s sad. And it’s reflected on TV and movies… and rears its ugly head in the workplace. And even if the criticism *should* be about SKILL or TALENT or BEHAVIOUR…. a woman’s “looks” are always just thrown in, tossed in for added ammo into any barrage of insults or criticism. Even when completely irrelevant! And especially when it’s other women doing the mud-slinging!!! Terrible. We are our own worst enemies! And you know what? Its a reflection of how consumed we ALL are about our looks… and appearance, and our own insecurities about looking young, fun and fresh…

So if every woman can take a little sip of wine and at the very least APPRECIATE the beauty of another woman, instead of tearing it down? I think that is just fine. As fine as a fine fine wine! So drink up ladies. And lets appreciate the beauty of ALL women!

How many glasses of wine are you?