Living life by your own rules

Living life by your own rules:

Despite common misconceptions, happiness does not always come from money. But this seems to be something we all strive to obtain. Our society has deemed it the’ be all and end all’ of life and as such we follow suit. But it is not merely the possession of money that brings us joy, it’s the way in which we use it. Money is a tool that is to be used to experience life and it is through this experiencing of life that we find true happiness.

Through our unending quest to make the big money, many people find themselves following someone else’s rules to get there. They graduate from highschool, go to college or university and get a degree, work their way up the corporate ladder to a high-paying job so they can buy their little piece of suburbia, marry Prince Charming, have their 2.2 children, a cat, dog and a goldfish. Every summer they take their family on a vacation somewhere exotic for two weeks and come back to work their tail off the rest of the year so they can do it all over again.

For some people, this is truly how they want to spend their lives, and there is nothing wrong with that. There is security in knowing you have followed the rules to achieve what society dictates you should want; the house, the car, the husband and the kids. However, not everyone strives for the same things (in fact that’s probably why you’re on this site). Living your life on the road less traveled is sometimes hard. In order to do so you have to decide that creating a life of your own is more important than allowing fear to hold you back. When we make our own rules and blaze our own trail it can be so much more rewarding!

Many will realize that you are not necessarily conventional in nature or even traditional in any sense of the word. In fact, they probably realize this every time you say you don’t want kids. Life is full of many wonderful and exciting things to experience so you should be proud that you want to go out there and explore a different life path.

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to stop striving for the cookie cutter life if you believe that isn’t the life you want to live. Society may tell you one thing but it can’t dictate how you find your happiness. Some of the happiest women that you will ever meet are the ones that did things their way.

This may mean that you handle things in a rather unconventional way or that you don’t want things that other people do, but it’s all about what happiness represents to you. If you’re not happy when you’re being really honest with yourself, then perhaps it’s time to take inventory. Too many women settle for “normalcy” and then find out years later that they’re not really happy. Take a step back and think about what happiness really represents to you and then figure out how to get there.

So how do you get there? How do you find out what makes you really happy and fills your soul with meaning? This doesn’t need to be as difficult as we sometimes make it. What kind of activities and exercises did you like as a kid? Did you always insist on playing a doctor and all of your dolls were rowdy patients? Perhaps artistry was your thing and nothing was safe from being enhanced by your crayons! Or maybe you were always baking up weird concoctions in the kitchen that your parents begrudgingly ate.

When we are children we aren’t burdened with all of the external happenings that fill the life of an adult. We have the freedom to focus on doing things that make us genuinely happy and we don’t care what other people think. Now are any of these things something you still enjoy, or would like to? If there is something that you would absolutely love to be doing, then take the steps to do so. Set aside some time throughout your day to immerse yourself in it. Read a book on it, take a class, or just do it!

Your life is what you make of it and as women we have the power to make things wonderful for ourselves. Though you may feel pressure to live a certain life that is not of your choosing, we have come a long way and you don’t have to fit into any neat and tidy picture of perfection. Be bold enough to strive for what makes YOU happy and don’t be afraid to stand up for it.

As strong, independent childfree women we can have whatever we want. We are no longer limited in our dreams. Don’t be afraid to blaze your own trail and find the life you have always wanted.

Do you live an unconventional life?