Do looks affect your income?

Do looks affect your income?:

As women we work really hard to look GREAT. And this isn’t really about vanity… it’s more about liking what we see when we look in the mirror. Um. Ok… so it IS about vanity! But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, we were taught to value being pretty from the time that we were cute, tiny, little girls. As adults we wear makeup, get our hair done, facials, manicures, clothes, accessories…. and we spend money and effort on our appearance because it helps us to feel better about ourselves. It’s actually been proven that putting ON makeup is a mood-booster!

So is it a good or bad thing that we gain great confidence based on the way that we look? Not all of us are going to admit it, but the truth is that when we LOOK good we FEEL good and it’s the FEELING GOOD that builds up our confidence. And if looking fantastic helps… what’s the harm in that? As long as you stay healthy – nothing. But what about your image at work? Does looking great HELP or HINDER your career? Does looking sharp make you feel like a pro? Or does tarting up damage your credibility? Do great looking women get paid MORE or LESS?


Why did you get the job?

As *hot* as you are… (and you are super smokin’, naturally) your performance reflects your boss’ performance and he/she wants to KEEP their job. So you more than likely got the job because you are a confident, intelligent, and capable woman that brings mad skillz to the table, yo!

If your boss is a guy (and doesn’t work with his wife…) then sure, good looks can be a selling point. If your boss is a competitive woman, sometimes looks can work against you. Or even with a male boss, being pretty can make him assume your intelligence is less “nerd” and more “barbie”. But more times than not, looking sharp will only help you get the job. Everyone wants to be around slick, attractive people. Don’t you?

Sure there are certain fields where looks NEED to have a direct link to the income that you earn…. modeling comes to mind for example. Last time I checked, most of us as women aren’t earning our paycheque with a wiggly walk down a hallway that goes nowhere (though I wouldn’t say no if I got an offer…. if any scouts are reading this…. no? Nothing? Ah well…. ) In a sales role, looks are also key because you are being judged in a snap first impression. If you happen to work hard at your looks and have achieved that pretty face or killer body and feel this contributed to being hired in the first place, don’t look at this as a negative. Think of it as a gateway into the job, after which you will succeed based on your many brainy talents!

And if there are water-cooler whisperings that puts you as the *pretty face* who got hired for her looks then ignore them! This is either coming from a man who is jealous of the position that you got…. or from a woman who is insecure. Giving them attention will only fuel the fire… so try hard not to let this negativity get to you. Good looks are called GOOD for a reason! And you should never feel bad if you have them— just rock what you got…. you’re the whole package!

True, true, women do still have stereotypes and perceptions to fight in the workplace because if you happen to be cute or hot or blond then you must be DUMB, right? You can argue against that all day. But. Nooooobody can argue with results! If you are HOT and wear KILLER BOOTS to work at the bank… like the fashionable women of Montreal do…. then beat your targets, outperform the guy in loafers, dazzle your clients and make that PowerPoint presentation kick ass. Your results will speak for themselves.

So what is the deal with appearance and income? Looks are a double -edged sword. They get you IN the door… and then they stand in your way as you try to prove you are oh-so-much *more*. But that’s OK! You can work with that 🙂 So don’t complain… take advantage of those open doors to WALK ON IN! And once you are in there, do your thing with all that juicy grey matter in your noggin to dazzle them all with competence. You are the WHOLE package and that’s why you got the job! What you do next is up to you!

Co-written by Jackie English