Couples and vacations

It’s winter. Winter means COLD!… the snow flurries are flying, teeth are chattering, and you’re MORE than ready to ditch this country for some nice HOT *sun*! If you’re in a relationship your first reaction is probably to draaaaaag the boy along with you because there’s nothing like some sand, surf and unlimited drinks to strengthen your bond- right? Vacations with girlfriends are a TON of fun- so vacation with your GUY should be even better, right?

Ummmmmm….. It doesn’t AUTOMATICALLY work that way. The thing with throwing a man into your vacation is that two sides of the couple coin don’t always add up! Your girlfriends like the same things as you probably- that’s WHY they are your girlfriends. But with your guy the very IDEA of a “vacation” may not be the same at all! While you may be content brushing up on your tan, HE might want to go deep sea fishing. So it’s important to pick the *RIGHT* destination….. So before you plan a long weekend in wine country with your beer drinking husband: COMMUNICATE! Make sure you two discuss what you want to do before choosing a spot so you can ensure you’re somewhere where you can both indulge in whimsy. This also means if the thought of going fishing absolutely *repulses* you then at least you’ll know ahead of time…. (and will be able to book a spa sesh at the saaaammmmeeee tiiimmeeee….. you’re so clever!)

Where to go?

Although fun, a beach resort getaway isn’t your ONLY option out there…. if you’re simply longing for some quality alone-in-a-room-with-a-comfy-bed time consider a weekend getaway at a bed and breakfast. Sleeping in, delicious brunches, long languorous dinners and exploring the surrounding areas….. mmmmm…… PLUS! B&B hunting is a bit of an adventure in itself! Each one has a unique charm.

Too mellow for ya? Want to get your adrenaline-pumping? How about a weekend in the wilderness, white water rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking, snowboarding or zip-lining? Make the ADVENTURE the adventure. Book a hotel and GO!

Have some extra cash to burn? Give it to me! Ok, ok…. oooorrrr…. hit a more exotic locale…. get your co-workers salivating when you tell them you jetted off to Iceland, Spain or Easter Island. Write an 80’s pop tune about the all the great places you wanna go! If you choose an exotic locale for your vacation, hit up google for a few “must-see” sights. But don’t stress if you don’t get to the them all… it’s often most refreshing to do a little “play it by ear” when on vacation. No to-do lists allowed!

*Why* you SHOULD you go on vacation with the man!

Well, if you’re a shiny new couple, extended one-on-one time can shake out all the weird little habits that you were gonna find out about eventually anyway. It’s hard to keep a game face on 24/7- so some genuine bonding can take place. A week away can also be a good trial run for couples considering whether or not to shack up together (assuming you bring the maid, the buffet and pool into the shack as well… vacationing won’t tell you if he ever puts the clean dishes away).

For established couples, a vacation together can be an chance to shake the cobwebs of your anatomy and unwind together. Assuming you are together because you LIKE each other, vacation can remind you how well you get along. And how funny his jokes are. By spending a few days away from doing taxes and de-bugging the wireless connection…. you’ll have a chance to really appreciate your significant other’s significance again
Do NOT forget to vacation! It’s tempting to save your money for the practical things in life… but you gotta prioritize injecting your married life with a little sass too.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail!

First things first: to be a ROMANTIC getaway.. it has to be ROMANTIC. So you need to *know* what romance means to the each of you. Does it mean skipping stones on the beach together, a five star dinner, trying boating together for the first time, couple massages or scuba diving the coral reef hand-in-hand? If you have OPPOSITE ideas of romantic activities… pair them up. Have a scrumptious dinner (him)- THEN go skinny dipping (her). Go for a horseback ride into the sunset (her) …. then play strip poker in the cabana (him). If you define your activities first you can book them ahead of time, too. It also ensures that you get to do everything you want to do in the time allotted. Knowing WHAT you what to do will also help you pick the right spot WHERE you want to do it! Just careful not to OVER-plan… leave some room for going with the flow and spontaneity too!

No matter if you hit an island *paradise*, the ski slopes, or some hot spot- vacations are for you two to HAVE FUN! No matter what stage of your relationship you are at, the reconnection will happen *naturally* if you are enjoying yourself. So slow doooooown, have real CONVERSATIONS (or really *deep* drunken conversations). Don’t worry., be happy… and get a bit silly! Who knows when you will have the money and time for the next one? So sip a delicious rum punch, or ten, soak up some rays, and just enjoy each other’s jokes.

What was the best vacation you ever took? Do you have a dream vacation?