The spontaneous childfree life

Kari Potts is a 27 year old woman from Texas. We sat down with her to ask a few questions.

When did you decide you didn’t want children?: I’ve always known, even when I was a child, that children weren’t for me. They annoyed me even as a kid. As odd as that sounds, I just never wanted to be around anything that coughed, sneezed and spread germs as freely as kids do.

Have you ever received any backlash due to this decision, if so, what?: I HAVE. More than anyone should ever endure in my opinion. The “It’s your turn” with a shoulder nudge, or “So when are you planning on having kids?” must be the most nails on a chalkboard thing anyone can say to me. Leave me alone. Misery loves company, and I’m quite happy in my life. I’ve even received the backlash from my in-laws. Until recently, there were no grandchildren, and it was always “When will you give us a grandchild??” Being married to the oldest, we have always been the most pressured. Once the second to oldest sibling had children – hell hath no fury. I became the “outcast” of the family. The “child hater.” It’s horrendous… We had a holiday get together (our last as a family after the charade they pulled) and the entire family was completely outraged that I didn’t run up to the four month old and say ‘hi’. Really? This child is never going to remember my face, let alone that I didn’t say hello at a holiday get-together. I want no part of that sort of drama.

What do you do now that you think you wouldn’t be able to do if you had children?: My husband and I love spontaneous trips to ANYWHERE we want to go. We can literally pack up on a Friday night, be on the next flight out to Vegas, Colorado, California, or any other hot spot that we want to go with no worries or cares in the world. I also thoroughly enjoy the career I’ve chosen. This job requires early check in times, late hours, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What’s your favourite part about being childfree?: My LIFE. I have everything I could possibly want. I have love, family, money, education, career, FREEDOM. I can go out and get however many animals I want because I don’t have to worry about paying for diapers, or day care, or clothing, or college for a child. I can have horses, chickens, dogs, cats, birds, you name it, I can have it! I even bought myself my dream car, a 2015 Roush, after I graduated with my masters this year. Nothing is stopping me from enjoying this beautiful life I currently have.

If money and time were no concern, what would be the one dream you would fulfill?: I would love to travel the world and own vacation homes in numerous countries and travel to them without a worry or care. I love seeing nature and the beauty this world holds. I would also own a very large sports car collection.

If you could choose to be one age forever what age would it be and why?: I really enjoy the age I’m at currently. I am financially stable, great career, just built my dream home, married to the love of my life, have all the animals I could ever imagine owning. Life is beautiful!

Do you have any favourite books, blog posts, websites, articles about being childfree?: Honestly, until recently, I felt I was alone in this “childfree” world. Everyone looked at me like I was a psycho for not wanting children. I have a friend that shared a photo with me that was linked to a “DINKS” page and I lost it. I couldn’t contain my excitement – I found people that actually thought EXACTLY like I do!

Do you have any last thoughts that you’d like to share with readers?: Stop letting people think you are weird just because you have an opinion that isn’t the same as theirs. Children are not for everyone. The world is overpopulated anyway. Hold your head up high and ENJOY being childfree! We have the kind of life that makes many envious – and I’m proud to say I do not take my decision for granted. I live life to its fullest – childfree!

Two husky dogs belonging to a childfree woman

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