Loving yourself: 10 reasons why you should put yourself first

Loving yourself: 10 reasons why you should put yourself first

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We’ve been raised in a society that condemns self-love. It judges us and labels us as narcissistic when we decide to take care of ourselves first. This is probably something you’ve experienced any time you’ve said you don’t want children. How DARE you want to take care of yourself instead of some human being that doesn’t yet (nor will ever) exist; so selfish right!


Really though this thinking is flawed. Caring for yourself has so many positive repercussions, not only for yourself, but those around you. The link between your well-being and your surroundings is a strong one. The following reasons will give you a new perspective on the importance of self-love. So love yourself up ladies!

1. Learn to treat yourself the way you would treat others.

It sounds simple, right? But how many of us constantly put the needs of our friends, families, and coworkers before our own. Working through lunch breaks to help someone else meet their deadline or planning yet another baby or bridal shower when you don’t even have time to plan your meals for the week; sound familiar? We all do it, but some of us do it too much, leading us to burnout, and neglect what’s really important to us.

When you take the time to figure out what you need physically, emotionally, and mentally, and then act on it, you’ll make yourself, and consequently those around you, happier.

2. Prioritizing your health and body will reward you with a longer life.

To all the women that carve time in their schedule every day to make it to the gym, I applaud you. Unfortunately, for a lot of us, when schedules get busy, fitness is the first thing to slide. When fitness slides, eating habits often do as well, and before we know it we’re scarfing down takeout between our 101 commitments.

Of course, we all know this is bad. One week of crappy eating and limited exercise can make you feel like you’ve aged 10 years, just barely dragging your ass out of bed in the morning. If you can’t make time for fitness now, at least get some vitamin supplements and veggies into you (Vitamin B-12 & liquid iron are lifesavers). You deserve to feel great!

3. Positivity attracts positivity.

When you take care of yourself it instantly reflects on your mood and actions. A stress-free and healthy self will be more productive at work and increase your chances at promotion and career growth. A sound well-being gives you a positive outlook on life, thus, reason number four.

4. Your outlook on life will change.

A positive thinker sees the bright side and (almost always) the bigger picture. It will help you nurture your creative juices and give you a creative way of approaching things. A healthy mind, soul and body combine to make you see life in a different light.

5. It gives you the courage to be independent.

Saving a bulk of your paycheque for yourself isn’t the only way for you to become independent. It also takes maturity to know what you need and to be able to work hard enough to get it. Having your own goals gives you something to push yourself for. This not only builds character but also independence.

6. You will see an improvement in self-esteem.

We all have our blah days, those days were you look in the mirror, cringe, then hide your face behind a pound of makeup and some dark glasses.

Have you ever been with somebody who thinks that she is unworthy of everything she possesses? Perhaps they also think that others deserve better than they do. Life becomes unbearable for those with low self-esteem. On the other hand, people who have a balanced life always have something to look forward to and be thankful for.

7. It saves other people from the trouble of having to take care of you.

If you’re childfree by choice you’ve probably been asked, “but who will take care of you if you don’t have children.” Being able to take care of yourself is an awesome trait and will save others in your life from constantly worrying about you. You probably know how difficult it is to juggle caring for your siblings, spouse, parents and/or friends. Be considerate and relieve those who care about you from additional stress.

8. You will be able to think for yourself.

Knowing what you need and what you want will help you make the right choices. You do not have to rely on others to simply give it to you, or tell you what you need. You own your body, your opinions, your actions and ultimately your future, so keep sticking up for what you believe in!

9. The weight of the world won’t cripple you.

Giving yourself time to unwind temporarily relieves you of the stress you carry. Paying attention to the time you need for yourself relaxes you and sometimes it even revitalizes you so you can go on with life.

10. You will develop a sound mind and sense of peace.

When you are in control of your goals, needs, wants, and everything else, you learn how to prioritize things. You have the capability to take charge of a big chunk of your life. A sound mind will aid you in making big decisions.

We all have different shoes to fill every single day as sisters, best friends, colleagues, aunts, girlfriends, and love-struck (or not) wives. In all these roles we often find ourselves nurturing others and putting their needs and interests first. With all the relationships we tend to each day it’s easy to forget about our own needs and wants but remember that nobody knows you better than yourself! It’s when you are fulfilled and satisfied that you bring the best of you to this game that we call life. So stop making excuses and put yourself first, you deserve it!

Do you make sure to love yourself? How do you do it?