30-year-old virgins

30-year-old virgins:Yes my friends, it is true. This is not stuff of legend, but in fact a reality. 30-year-old virgins do exist among us. In today’s society it is hard for most of us to imagine that anyone can make it out of high school with their virginity intact, much less through college. So many of us crossed that threshold long ago and as such we find movies like the 40-Year-Old Virgin and TLC’s Virgin Diaries intriguing. We gawk and marvel at these people who have achieved the unthinkable and held onto their maidenhood for so long.

Many of you probably think these girls are crazy for holding out much longer than the rest of us and have a hard time imagining what they’re waiting for. Most of us are convinced that Prince Charming doesn’t really exist, so what could possibly be their motive? What a lot of us don’t stop to realize is how many benefits are associated with staying a virgin.


Just think, when you’re a virgin you’ve never had to rush to the clinic in panic because of that rash that appeared “down there”. Genital warts, Chlamydia and Syphilis have never been a part of your vocabulary much less your test results. Of course it’s not absolutely impossible to get an STD by being a virgin, but if you’re not engaging in oral sex and you’re not shooting up, then you’re pretty much safe and sound.


No morning after pill, no, “Oh my frigging God the condom broke!” moments and absolutely no peeing on a stick. You’re safe and sound from crabby babies invading your womb if you’ve never even engaged in foreplay.


Not to say that ladies who have lost their V-cards don’t have self-respect, it’s just that those of us who regularly have sex, especially with multiple partners, sometimes find ourselves in situations that are a little more self-deprecating. Any of you ladies who have ever woken up in a stranger’s bed after a night at the bar know what I’m talking about. This is also true for any of us who haven’t been able to get a guy off. We know it doesn’t mean he finds us unattractive but you still can’t help thinking it.


Perhaps not something you might think of initially, but when you do it’s easy to imagine that virgins must have a pretty awesome sense of power. They’ve managed to block out years of peer pressure, advances from men (and women) and turn down everything the media tells them they should be doing. The willpower of these ladies is amazing! (They can probably even turn down chocolate cake).

Although there are a ton of benefits to being a virgin, we have to assume that those aren’t the only reasons these ladies are choosing to hold out. There are many sociological and personal reasons that women remain virgins longer as well.


For any of us who’ve lived through a relationship or better yet a breakup there’s one lesson that we can take away each and every time—sex really complicates things! Though we’re usually drawn to this expression of intimacy, we know it makes things more complicated. It takes the relationship to a whole new level and makes for a messier breakup. Though we may know this, we just can’t seem to stop ourselves because once we’ve had it we want it again and again. We think virgins are onto something; wouldn’t it make relationships easier if sex weren’t a factor in it?


Our society is a constantly changing landscapes and more and more women are deciding to hold off on the marriage and babies (or like us, forgo some of those steps altogether) so they can advance their career. Some women take this to the extreme and even swear off relationships while in school and building a career so they can focus on themselves and their futures.


Although it seems weird now to meet a virgin, only fifty or sixty years ago it was still the norm to save yourself for marriage. A lot of women grew up with parents and grandparents from that era who instilled these values into them so they choose not to have sex because that’s how they were raised.


There are way too many girls out there who suffered at the hands of a man when they were a child. For some of these women their experiences make them over-sexualized adults, often turning to prostitution or stripping. On the other end of the spectrum some women are so traumatized (understandably so) that they swear off sex altogether as it’s nothing but a horrible memory for them.


There are many religions and cultures out there that consider sex before marriage a big no-no. For those ladies who follow their religion closely or who have been raised to respect the rules of their culture, then sex may not even be a thought in their mind.

Whatever the reasons may be for choosing a celibate lifestyle it is certainly not a solitary choice, there are absolutely still some virginal ladies out there; if you’re one of them, good for you for having the will-power to stick to your decision. If you’re not one, well, we understand. One thing is for sure, being a virgin is definitely one awesome way to make sure you remain childfree!

So spill, did you hold onto your virginity for longer than most? What motivated you?