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A childfree response to: “What I Don’t Get About My Childless or Childfree Friends”

I recently stumbled across this article "Midlife Ramblings: What I Don’t Get About My Childless/Childfree Young Friends." I was frustrated by the patronizing way in which it was written so ...
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The fact that I don’t want children doesn’t have much to do with kids at all

As a childfree woman I am often regarded as an abnormality of sorts. Though the trend of smaller families, or no children at all, is growing- women who don’t aspire ...
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Annoyed childfree woman

Why your subtle nudges aren’t okay

I don’t know if it was because I was tired, I had a bad week, or I had just been poked one too many times, but the other day I ...
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I actually don’t think I can have it all

WOMEN CAN HAVE IT ALL!! How many times have we heard this phrase uttered and seen it printed in magazines and across websites and blogs. I know I’ve seen it a lot. But the truth is, it just doesn’t resonate with me. Before you start slaying me in the comments ...
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Time for some tough self-love

Have you ever found yourself thinking to yourself: "Self: Why is my life such a *mess*? How did I get here? Where did the all the people important to me disappear to? HOW did my schedule get SOOOO hectic that I don’t have ANY time for fun?" And have you ...
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