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The fact that I don’t want children doesn’t have much to do with kids at all

As a childfree woman I am often regarded as an abnormality of sorts. Though the trend of smaller families, or no children at all, is growing- women who don’t aspire ...
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Annoyed childfree woman

Why your subtle nudges aren’t okay

I don’t know if it was because I was tired, I had a bad week, or I had just been poked one too many times, but the other day I ...
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Old childfree woman pointing her finger.

When I get old…Living the childfree life

"But who will take care of you when you’re old?" Anyone who announces their intention not to have children has inevitably been asked this question. Here is my response: **** ...
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I actually don’t think I can have it all

WOMEN CAN HAVE IT ALL!! How many times have we heard this phrase uttered and seen it printed in magazines and across websites and blogs. I know I’ve seen it a lot. But the truth is, it just doesn’t resonate with me. Before you start slaying me in the comments ...
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Time for some tough self-love

Have you ever found yourself thinking to yourself: "Self: Why is my life such a *mess*? How did I get here? Where did the all the people important to me disappear to? HOW did my schedule get SOOOO hectic that I don’t have ANY time for fun?" And have you ...
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